4th China Entrepreneurs Forum Communications Optical Cable solemnly held in Nantong
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4th China Entrepreneurs Forum Communications Optical Cable solemnly held in Nantong


On 25th of July 2009, The 4th China Entrepreneurs Forum of Communications Optical Cable forum was sponsored by the China Electronic Components Association and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, and organized by the Zhongtian Technologies Co., Ltd and China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.

The opening ceremony has been presided by the Superintendent of No. 23 Research Institute of China Electronic Technology Corporation Group. And several guests have gaven the welcome speeches.

During the forum, the Chief Engineer of China Telecom LePing Wei has indicated in the next 5 years, our national-wide network volumes are going to expansion 10 to 20 times greater than current volumes. At that time, the original 40G will be found some Difficults to cope with. And along with the development of current network constructions, the market windows and scopes of 40G is going to compress. The 100Gbit/s will become dominantly, although the market windows of 40G is very limited and still the most importent step.
We are going to facing the coexistence situation of 10/40/100G in a very long term, therefore Coordinated development of these three needs to be integrated seriously.

Representatives have very interested the subjects that discussed in the forum, the reporters and the entrepreneurs were having Heated discussions as well.

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