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Measurement of Surface Transfer Impedance (Triaxial Method)
At present, there's no corresponding national standards for measurement of surface transfer impedance. Test method from IEC 62153-4-3:2002 Electro Magnetic Compatibility —— measurement of Surface Transfer Impedance (Triaxial Method) and EN 50289-1-6:2002 Surface Transfer Impedance (Triaxial Method) can be used on both coaxial cables and screen pair and screen multicore cables. The IEC 62153-4-3:2002 has two different test methods -- method A (matching) and method B(short). The method A is identical to the test method from EN 50289-1-6:2002. We are looking at the test method A from IEC 62153-4-3:2002. According to this method the shield room is unnecessarily when the frequency under 100MHz.
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