Tests on cables Under Fire Condition
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Tests on cables Under Fire Condition
 According to the statistics by the State Administration of Work Safety90 percent of the fires were caused by wires and cablesWith the development of economy and societythe requirements for the performances, such as flame retardance, fire resistance, low smoke, halogen free, of the cables are getting higher and higherIn order to offer best services to the optical & electronic cable industry, on the basis of flame retardance test for single wire or cable, The Information Transmission Lines Quality Inspect Test Center, M. I.I. (The Inspection and Test Center of No 23 Research Institute, CETC) has recently purchased some new testing equipment for the combustion and fire retardance tests for bunched wores andcables, so as to carry out the fire retardance and fire resistance tests of wire and cable products according to relative international and domestic standards.

Fire test on Bunched cables 

The test can be used to evaluate the performance of bunched cables to inhibit flame spread in high-risk occasionsso as to study the flame-retardant and low smoke properties of wires and cables. We have the ability to conduct the fire test on the bundled cables in accordance with UL1685-2000,Except for smoke-release test),IEC60332-3-2008?(1992)GB/T18380.3-2001EN50266-2001 and so on

Vertical Flame Propagation Test for Single Cable

IEC 60332-2008 ?Part 1 and Part 2 specify the testing methods for flame spread characteristics for a single vertical insulated wire or cable, our Inspection and Testing Center has had the capability to carry out the vertical fire test on single wire and cable according to IEC60332, UL 1581-2003, GB/T19666- standards and so on. 

Fire Resistance Test

The test is to simulate the fire resistant and flame retardant characteristics of cables under fire and live conditions, it is a testing method that requires maintaining the circuit integrity under the flame combustion condition, that is keeping the ability to continue to operate in the designated manner whilst subject to a specified flame source for a specified period of time,our Inspection and Testing Center can carry out this test according to IEC 60331-2003? IEC60331-, EN50200-2001, and GB/T19216-2003 and so on a

Oxygen Index Test

Oxygen index is expressed as percent volume that will just support flaming combustion in a flowing mixture of oxygen and nitrogencan be applied to test the combustion performance of rubberplasticsfiberfoam plastics and other various solid materialsthe method is an effective way to evaluate the degree of flammability performance of polymer, our Inspection and Testing Center can carry out this test according to GB/T2406-98, ASTMD 2863, ISO 4589-1996.

Smoke Density Test of Cable Burning

The measurement of smoke density is an important aspect in the evaluation of the burning performance of electric or fiber optic cables under specific conditions. It is related to the survival of persons and accessibility for firefighting.The test is carried out according to the standards such as IEC 61034,2005 and GB/T17651-1998

Tests on Hydrogen-Chloride and Acidity Evolved during Combustion of Materials from Cables 

The method is used to determine the amount of halogen acid gasother than hydrofluoric acid, pH and conductivity evolved during the combustion of compounds used in insulation,  sheath and other non-metallic materials in the cable industry. The method is suitable for measuring the halogen acid gases under the conditions specified in IEC 607541994 GB/T17650.1~2-1998, etc.

Measurement of Carbon Black Content

The weight of the specimen is analyzed through pyrorisis under the protection of Nitrogen, which can be used for measuring the content of carbon black and mineral filler contained in PE. The method is suitable for measuring the carbon black content according to the standard of GB/T2951-2008.

Determination of Toxicity Index
This test is in accordance with the NES 713 standard, the test methods is to determine the toxicity
 of the combustion products in terms of small molecular species arising when a small sample of a
material is completely burnt in excess air under specified conditions.  
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